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Les témoignages de nos propriétaires sur leurs expériences satisfaisantes sont les meilleures recommandations

„I've been customer of Mr.Lodge on both sides, renting a flat and as a landlord. The service is great. These people will take care of everything. You're guaranteed to find a flat with high quality when renting and as a landlord you don't have to worry about anything. All details are being taken care of for you!“
(2019-05-13 - Google)

„We are renting our two apartments in Munich through Mr. Lodge since over 10 years since we are living abroad. This meant for us: more than 10 years of professional, trust-based relationship and service, as well as as - most importantly - more than 10 years of 'local problem solving (as required). 5 stars!“
(2018-01-05 - Google)

„Very professional advice and support thanks to the competent international staff an to excellent market knowledge.“
(2018-10-19 - IS24)

„Execellent service and a friendly team. I found a tenant very quickly and was impressed with how helpful and friendly the whole team was at Mr. Lodge. Many thanks again for all your support!“
(2018-07-03 - IS24)

„The best team for renting an apatment, best team of people: having professional knowledge and positive motivation to provide the perfect complete service.“
(2018-06-18 - IS24)

„Great company!!“
(2018-05-29 - IS24)

„Highly professional team, excellent service and friendly constructive relationship to client. Very talented and creative young photograph. Resourceful (ex. provided Hotspot bridge pending WiFi installation). After all homework was finished, placed the apartment within 24 hours to a high quality tenant. Well-done and thank you!“
(2017-11-17 - IS24)

„Very professional service.“
(2017-02-08 - IS24)

„Mr. Lodge achieved a rapid rental of the apartment, the service was complete and well executed.“
(2016-12-28 - IS24)
Seit Jahren wende ich mich an Mr. Lodge und bin sehr zufrieden, nur positive Erfahrungen. Immer wieder!